Rose Campbell: The Most Inspirational Mom Influencer of Texas

Mrs. Woodlands and Owner of Corralling The Campbells

Being a mom in 2020 was the most challenging. From picking the healthiest foods to feed your kids and the cutest clothes for them to wear plus COVID. More importantly is making sure they stay safe from all the threats of the world, it takes a lot of strength to be a mom in this world. Mom influencers are simply moms with things to say. Mom influencers are relatable fun and willing to share their lives with us. No matter what you are looking for, some of our favorite influencers are sure to be able to offer some tough love, advice, comic relief, or just help other moms feel less alone. Mom influencers possess enormous clout among key buying audiences, namely other moms and parents. As such, they can incorporate many different influential products into their content.

We tracked down some of Texas' most popular mom influencers, in hopes to find out the secrets of success. If there is anything most successful entrepreneurs seem to have, it’s passion, persistence, and an unquestionable spirit. Owning Corralling the Campbell’s among other businesses, Rose met all the requirements.

Rose is a native Houstonian and mother of five. Her experiences as a parent have led to a passion for all things pregnancy and birth. As Mrs. Woodlands, Rose is dedicated to lowering the maternal death rate by raising awareness of often misunderstood or overlooked prenatal and postpartum conditions. Rose’s high-risk pregnancies and five years as a doula working with parents and babies provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with several maternity care organizations such as PPCM Fund Inc. She has traveled the United States advocating and speaking for women including Texas AIM, Mom Congress, and many others. She currently works as a mommy blogger for Corralling the Campbell’s with a combined total of more than 100,000 followers and is co-owner of The Stork’s Warehouse and its web series The Stork’s Nursery.

So, we sat down with Rose to talk about all things mom life and to learn more about all the amazing things she does. We asked her:

What is the best mom hack that makes life easier?

I have Busy Bins for each of the kids. I fill a tin lunchbox with magnets, stickers, and some Duplo Legos to take on-the-go and have a special basket at home with Water Wows, reusable stickers, special snacks, and lift-the-flap books. Busy bins are great for travel, restaurants, or when I just need to get some things done. They also really came in handy when I was busy nursing a newborn or just needed some peace-and-quiet for a bit. The trick to making them work is to only have them out at the designated times and then putting them away right after.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

People are constantly surprised by how young I am after they hear about the successful businesses I have run and the number of children I have!

With the saturation of so many mommy influencers, why do you think your account speaks to so many others?

I’m brutally honest about parenting. I don’t really see myself as an influencer. I post a lot of my everyday life with barely any filters. I also feel like people are fascinated by how many kids I have. I’m constantly being questioned in grocery stores about how I do it with so many kids.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I became a mother at 18. I was young but I had always wanted to be a mother. Maybe that was because I was in foster care as a child but I knew I wanted to be a mother. With so many kids I have to remember not to get stressed about the little things in life.

If you were given a weekend away, free of kids and all other responsibilities, how would you spend it?

In an all-inclusive resort in the mountains with a hot tub on my balcony, a romantic movie playing, and sipping a glass of wine or coffee. Until you have kids you don’t understand how precious time to finish a cup of HOT coffee or a plate of food without fingers in it. Also, a full night of sleep with no interruptions.

Rose will be representing Mrs. Woodlands at the Mrs. Texas Pageant this August. The Mrs. Texas Competition is the official state preliminary for Mrs. America. Mrs. America celebrates the achievements, poise, and personality of today’s married women. Mrs. Texas will compete in the nationally televised Mrs. America pageant. Rose will compete in Interview, Fitness, and Evening gown at Mrs. Texas Competition. Not only will it highlight the accomplishments of these women, but showcase their beauty as well.

Mrs. Texas Pageant is August 14, 2021, at the Palace Theater in Corsicana, Tx.



If interested in collaborating with Rose Campbell please contact her Agent: Kelli Hehlke | K. Lucinda Talent & Casting | email: cell: (563) 508–8868 | work: (312) 685–1094 |

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